Ashrith Reddy

Full stack engineer and marathoner


About me

As a fitness enthusiast and a full stack developer, I am passionate about exploring open source repositories to find best practices and solutions for solving real-world problems. I believe that our body and skills follow the same principle - we can increase their capabilities by pushing their limits.

"The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong." - Swami Vivekananda

Work Experience

Clipboard Health

Dec 2020 - Current

Crossover for work(Upland Localytics)

June 2020 - Nov 2020


Mar 2019 - Mar 2020

Iodaten Pvt. Ltd

Nov 2018 - Mar 2019

ReportGarden Pvt. Ltd

Jan 2016 - Nov 2018

Open source contributions

Author of React-tiny-toast package


Reactjs, Javascript

This toast notification library provides just the right amount of functionality, without any unnecessary bloat. It is also designed to have a minimal bundle size.

Contributed to Create-react-app CLI readme generation script


Reactjs, Javascript, Nodejs

The react-scripts readme is updated to reflect the package manager that was used to generate the project with create-react-app CLI.

Profile builder theme for Gatsby Theme Jam


Reactjs, Javascript, Nodejs, Gatsbyjs

The One Stop theme is a complete solution for creating your portfolio website with blogging capabilities, requiring minimal setup. With just three file modifications, you can quickly get your own personal site up and running.

Translation of ReactJS documentation into Telugu.


Reactjs, Javascript

I am the maintainer of a GitHub repository dedicated to translating React.js documentation into Telugu, my mother tongue.

Course correction made for freeCodeCamp



I fixed a failing challenge on freecodecamp that required a mandatory semicolon.

Contributed to improving React Testing Library by correcting an example code



The fix was short and simple - I added a missing closing parenthesis.

I contributed to the documentation of styled-components by adding information on the object syntax.



I contributed missing documentation for an already-existing feature, which is commonly used in other CSS-in-JS frameworks.

Personal Projects



Reactjs, styled-components, styled-system, Javascript, Nextjs, Ruby on Rails

I followed the principles of atomic design to build our components, creating minimalistic atoms and molecules that are assembled without relying on external styling libraries. By building everything in-house, we have been able to maintain our unique brand style.

React Obstacle Racer


Reactjs, styled-components, styled-system, Javascript

Our project is built using the latest React hooks, including custom hooks for reusability. I implemented time intervals to control the movement of obstacles and calculate their positions to detect collisions.

Review Dashboard


Ruby on Rails, Docker

I have implemented a system to send weekly statistics of all the Rollbar errors that have occurred. This is achieved using the Heroku scheduler to automatically send the reports via email on a weekly basis.

Gre Preperation and Live Score Viewer.


Ruby on Rails

While I was preparing for the GRE Exam, I used an application that sent me a new vocabulary word every day via email, which helped me to learn a new word each day. Additionally, the app featured a live scorecard that used an RSS feed API from

Fat Snake Game


Reactjs, Javascript

I developed a game called "Fat Snake" using ReactJS.

Task Manager


Javascript, HTML, CSS

I built a task manager application using plain JavaScript.


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